Moroccan Rugs – The Artful Sounds of Moroccan Rug Making

Moroccan rugs are hand-made, ornamental carpets, woven by the Moroccans. They are known for their intricate artwork and fine weaving. Moroccan rugs were first woven thousands of years ago by the indigenous folks of Morocco as early as the Paleolithic Era. Traditionally, Moroccan rugs were woven for utilitarian reasons by local tribal people for their utility and not for decorative reasons. But over time, the people of Morocco who mastered the art of weaving rugs developed a style of their own that came to known as the ” Moroccan Style “.

Moroccan Rugs – The Art of Creating Fine Moroccan Carpets

The Moroccans loved their rugs because they were strong and durable and the knotting of these rugs gave them the appearance of natural grasses or trees and the patterns of animals and birds that were natural to Morocco and its surrounding areas. Moroccan carpets come in a variety of styles, including traditional square, round, triangular, oval, and rectangle; rugs woven with different fabrics including net, cotton, wool, jute, silk, synthetic fibers, and even burlap. Colors range from muted pastel colors to vibrant, bright, colorful, and earth toned colors to compliment the Moroccan decor of the time.

These rugs are beautiful works of art, with intricate details of animal skin, plant fiber, and even metal and stone pieces incorporated into the rags. Many are even made as part of the furniture of the houses of the wealthier Moroccans. Some authentic moroccan rugs can be very expensive and may be bought only on the condition that they will be used as wall decor or floor coverings. Although these rugs and other authentic moroccan decorations can be quite valuable, you need to understand that the authentic rugs from Morocco are woven only by skilled and experienced weaving families that specialize in producing only these kinds of rugs. In order to ensure that you acquire an authentic rug that is well worth the money, you should purchase the rug from a well established weaving family that is capable of replicating the texture, color, and pattern of the actual rugs from Morocco.